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Thinking about switching from PC to Mac at your law firm? Here are some good sites to review before taking the plunge.

Sites for The Intellectually Curious
  • Open

    This site offers a vast selection of free open source cultural information. They offer free downloadable audio books, lecture series and podcasts on almost any topic imaginable from many top-ranked colleges and universities. You can also download language courses and movies. All free.


    This is an exceptional site offering similar free downloadable open source educational information similar to Open Culture. There are lecture series, audiobooks, and an infinite selection of articles and other published materials. In addition, this site offers thousands of hours of free downloadable and streaming music from hundreds of bands who have agreed to provide open access to their concerts. Finally, the site provides access to the “wayback machine.” This search tool allows you to enter the name of virtually any website and to find every previously “published” version of the website.