Our Services

At the Law Office of Lawrence B. Lambert, we understand your small business because we are a small business. We know most small businesses don’t have the resources to maintain in-house law departments. Nevertheless, even small businesses need experienced and attentive legal counsel who understand and respond to their goals, budgets, and deadlines.

Our job as corporate attorneys is to help clients do everything they can to minimize the risks within their control and to avoid conflicts that can land them in litigation, whether with third parties like customers or vendors or between shareholders, directors, officers, and employees. We do this by applying the age-old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Laying a strong legal foundation from the outset is much more cost-effective than fixing legal problems and disputes after the fact.

We work closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business, goals, and values. By connecting with your business, we are able to become a strategic advisor and a key partner in developing the legal strategies and processes necessary to help you achieve your short and long-term goals and business objectives with as few legal hiccups as possible.

Examples of the types of corporate and transactional services we provide include:

Business Formation. This is an essential step when creating and opening a business as it makes the business a legal entity. This includes providing advice and counseling regarding the following:

  • Choosing the type of business entity that best suits your business (i.e. Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.);
  • Preparing the necessary documents to register your new venture with the appropriate governmental agencies;
  • Drafting internal corporate governance documents like Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, and Bylaws.

Contract Preparation and Negotiation. These are the agreements that help you define your business’ scope of services, employment relationships, terms and conditions for the sale of your goods or services, and internal protections of your business’ trade secrets. Examples of the types of contracts we can prepare are:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Service and Supply Agreements;
  • Invoice Terms and Conditions;
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements; and
  • Employment Agreements (which may include covenants not to compete such as non-solicitation, non-compete, non-disclosure, and confidentiality provisions, among other things).

Financing Arrangements. If you are interested in borrowing or lending funds as part of your business operations and financing, it is essential that you properly document the transactions to ensure accountability and enforceability. Some examples of the types of documents we review and prepare include:

  • Promissory Notes;
  • Security Agreements; and
  • Personal Guarantees.

Negotiating, Drafting, and Reviewing Lease Agreements. Whether you want to expand your office footprint, sublease space in your current location or update or expand your equipment, lease agreements are an essential component of these transactions. These include:

  • Commercial Lease Agreements; and
  • Equipment Lease Agreements.

Employment-Related Matters. Whether you are hiring, promoting, or terminating an employee, having the proper documentation defining the employment relationship is key to avoiding costly misunderstandings and disputes. Some of the types of employment-related contracts we can review or prepare include:

  • Employment Agreements (which may include restrictive covenants such as non-solicitation, non-competition, non-disclosure, and confidentiality provisions, among other things);
  • Offer Letters;
  • Severance and Termination Agreements;
  • Hiring, retention, and termination related matters; and
  • Employee Policies and Handbooks.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management. Once your business is up and running, you must still take care to observe corporate formalities and comply with the legal duties applicable to shareholders, officers, directors, and employees. Some examples of the types of legal services we provide include:

  • Preparing board and shareholder resolutions or consents;
  • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations;
  • Review and legal counsel concerning company policies and procedures;
  • Legal due diligence.

Business Acquisition and Sale. If you are ready to expand your business by acquiring other existing businesses or if you are ready to sell your business and retire or start a new venture, properly documenting the transaction is essential. Examples of the types of documents we can help you prepare include:

  • Letters of Intent;
  • Asset Purchase Agreements;
  • Stock Purchase Agreements;
  • Merger Agreements; and
  • Legal Due Diligence.